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Thank you for helping me playtest the first level of Squished! Enjoy squishing!

Backstory: You are a bot with a set magic amount that lets you travel to these islands. You gain power (points) from squishing these purple aliens, but unfortunately doing that summons king Squish and more sophisticated squishies called "Poppers" - these guys try to steal your magic by hitting your magnets.

TLDR: Shoot poppers and squish squishies!

Almost immediate/future improvements:

  • New model for king Squishy
  • New island models
  • New model for squishbot
  • Fade in/out between scenes
  • Enemy animations
  • Basic audio
  • A real menu and real control system (sorry for the crappy PNG!)

Known issues:

  • Weird jumpy camera issues after player is squished
  • Enemies sometimes bug out on collision
  • High scores only save locally


  • Pretty much everything except the squish meter is temp UI

Useful feedback:

  • Did you figure out the level objective?
  • Did the enemies have too much/little health?
  • What did you enjoy most about playing?
  • What did you enjoy the least?
  • What would you like to see more of/change?
  • Any bugs you found
  • Really any feedback is useful!

Again, thanks for playing! Let me know what you think! And feel free to brag about high scores and whatnot.

Level 2 is a placeholder! Please ignore it - simply hit Escape to pull up the menu and navigate back to Level 1. Thanks!!

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Install instructions

The ZIP contains an .exe and folder of assets. Make sure both are in the same location and run the .exe - that's it!


squished_prealpha_v2.zip 15 MB